Closet Transformation:  Unlock the Secrets to Clean Out Your Closet

Gain control of your closet and go from overwhelmed to organized.

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Find New Confidence

Learn new ways to wear the clothes you have more confidently.

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Tools & tips you can put into practice to find clothes that work for you and your lifestyle

Closet Clean Out Module


  • Daily motivation to try on and go through your clothes so you feel lighter and more confident 
  • Help figuring out which clothes to let go of and which to keep so you feel empowered
  • Learn how to wear different pieces so you find new confidence (and stop hiding)
  • A roadmap to let go of what doesn't fit, what you don't love, and what you don't wear

Closet Organization


Discover tips and tricks to organize your closet so it's easier and quicker to get dressed.

  • Organization of clothes by color or style

  • Purse and shoe storage 
  • Seasonal Storage options
  • Hangers, which ones to use and why
  • Tips for added storage

Capsule Wardrobes

Time to discover your shape and what pieces might work best for your body shape.  We will walk through capsule wardrobes and how you can mix and match 13 -15 pieces into 50+ outfits.


  • Learn how to measure to unlock your body shape
  • Discover what clothes work best for you and your body shape and why it matters!
  • Tips on how to feel more confident in the clothes you have

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